About asli.co

COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives with social distancing, e-learning, work-from-home and meet-from-home becoming the new normal. As a result, the retail outlets through which we could experience the latest and greatest of Apple technology  also experienced some changes. We wanted to bring back shopping the way it was before. Asli.co, as the name suggests, brings authorized sources to buy Apple products in Qatar under one platform and also provides live consultancy on Apple products  from an Apple certified expert. 

Asli.co will also have information on latest Apple products and offers which consumers in Qatar can avail from sellers listed on the portal. This is an initiative by Redington, the Authorized Distributor for Apple products in Qatar. To know more about Redington, please log on to www.redingtongroup.com

100% genuine: The primary reason for starting this website is to ensure that consumers in Qatar get information on where to buy Apple products from authorized sources so that they can experience Apple products the way people love across world over. The website is managed by Redington, the Authorized Distributor for Apple products in Qatar. As a Authorized Distributor, we have listed retailers in Qatar who are authorized to sell Apple products. 

Live Support from Apple Certified Consultants: Our live support is managed by experts who are certified by Apple to understand your needs and recommend an Apple product for your need. Our Apple experts are based in Qatar with a number of  years of experience of working in retail outlets based in Qatar interacting with customers. They can also support you to check on your order inquiries on the portal.

No commissions: We do not take any commission from sellers listed on the portal nor we collect any payment from consumers. Alsi.co shall only provide the authorized sources to buy Apple products and also endeavor that the order request is fulfilled by the authorized seller.