How To Optimise iPhone Storage

21 Oct 2020

What's your plan for the weekend? For sure it will involve creating more memories, adding more photos and files that's why this tutorial is really a must-watch. Avoid getting that "Storage Almost Full" notification on your iPhone. This tutorial shows you how to free up space on your #iPhone.
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How To Back Up Your iPhone or iPad

21 Oct 2020
by Jacklynne L

This video will tell you how you can securely back up your iPhone and iPad. This is necessary so that you won't lose the important data on your Apple device. Watch the video now.

How To Multitask with Split View on iPad

21 Oct 2020
by Jacklynne L

The split view on your iPad is a feature that will maximize your productivity immensely. Here's a tutorial on how you can multitask with single and multiple app. 

How To Use Assistive Touch On iPhone

30 Sep 2020
by Jacklynne L

Assistive Touch is indeed one of the most underrated features of iPhone. It can help us in navigating to our phones better. Watch this video tutorial brought to us by asli.co's Apple Experts.

How To Place An Order On www.asli.co

09 Sep 2020
by Jacklynne L

Placing an order on asli.co is super easy! Watch the video as we walk you through the process.


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